hate to burst ur bubble but this is totes photoshopped amiga

seems like everyone wants to see some gradients and i haven’t explored any cool colors yet so…hmm….

triumph-forks: As a Cosmetologist, I’ll tell you now…Gradients are possible, but honestly, you should let your hair heal after previous Dyejobs, and make sure to Always get your hair colored by a Professional Salon Artist. We’re trained to do what’s right for you!

well i never doubted the possibility of doing a gradient and tbh that’s what i’m looking at right now if it’s not too much money! i appreciate the advice though. the girl i’m going to is in beauty school and has done a great job with other people. honestly i just wanna humor her since she’s so obsessed with my hairstyle and wants to play with it hahaha



So…I got a little experimental and made silhouettes of the Gems/Gem Fusions, with the actual gemstones as textures.

Texture sources:


In April 2010, my father passed away, leaving behind very few belongings, which I inherited.

Chief among these was a computer he had built himself—it was his pride and joy for quite a while, though it hasn’t aged well as computers often don’t.

Now, it seems like it’s just about ready to kick the bucket, and this is an issue for me.

I am a disabled artist living in Fort Wayne. I make my income solely through the sale of digital art…

hhhhhh please help chev out they are super important to me and their well being means the world to me <3